• 8th, 9th & 10th

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2017 Festival Lineup

The festival lineup has been announced and we are thrilled with the variety of artists on offer.  There really is something for everyone!

If you’ve never been to the festival before, prepare yourself for a rollicking good time!

The festival runs over the weekend of Friday the 8th, Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of September.

Tickets are selling fast and campsites are being booked like hotcakes(?) – or at least like something that gets booked really quickly!

So get on it.

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2017 Festival Program

The program for the 2017 festival is now available for download.


Trad British Songbook

Download the Trad British Songbook – all the lyrics for the Trad British Sing-a-longs and links to the songs so you know how they go!





Women In Docs

With a reputation for stirring and humorous live performances and a vigorous touring schedule, women in docs have spent ten years building a fiercely loyal following throughout Australia, as well as touring internationally to win over audiences throughout North America, Europe, New Zealand and China. women in docs have played major festivals and showcases throughout […]

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Mangrove jack

Incorporating some jigs, some reels, some songs and a fair bit of blarney. The best box player, the purest tin whistle player and the most recognisable voice in the north paired with Pink Floyd inspired bass guitar. MANGROVE JACK has been a mainstay of the Cairns Music Scene for the past 30 years, and have […]

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Never the Twain

Martin Pearson & John Thompson will return to the stage as Never the Twain for the first time in almost 10 years. Cracking singers & hilarious storytellers with a sense of the ridiculous. A special Neurum Creek performance before they go back into hibernation.

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Caroline Hammond

Caroline Hammond is a singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist of insight, honesty & earthiness. Artful, lyrical and evocative, her music is still essentially about the magic of ordinary things. Caroline draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres from Blues to Gospel, Reggae, African ‘hi-life’ and coffee house folk. Beautiful ‘roots-storytelling’, her songs are an […]

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Asa Broomhall Band

Supercharged guitar, soaring voice, vamping harmonica and evoking lyrics, that’s Asa Broomhall. His advanced musicianship, powerful delivery and comical stage patter has enchanted audiences everywhere. From Concerts and Festivals all over Oz, the UK and North America to touring with renown artists and with 5 self-produced releases under his belt, Asa is one of Australia’s […]

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Raku One O’Gaia

Festival favourite Raku One O’Gaia’s soul, blues and gospel infused music is super-charged with feel good vibes. Raku’s an artist who has rapidly developed a reputation for the high energy performances that are his trademark. He brings a wealth of influences to the bear in a genre hopping blend of roots musics… all delivered with […]

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Alex & Bec Crook

Alex & Bec Crook are a Brisbane Brother Sister duo, with country folk pop influences. Alex Crook, started playing and creating music when he was seventeen and since has written a long list of original songs The brother and sister came together a couple of years ago and together created their most recent EP, 21 […]

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The Ragtone Ramblers

The Ragtone Ramblers bring us something a little different from the early American roots department. With three lead vocalists, each with their own unique style and influences; great arrangements and original songs; accompanied by oh so many instruments! Core band folk Paula Hackney (vocals, rhythm guitar, tenor banjo, washboard), Mitch Humphrys (vocals, steel guitar, tenor […]

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Jodi Murtha

Jodi Murtha is well known in the Brisbane folk scene for her bass playing and harmonies and has been performing for over twenty years in numerous bands at pubs, clubs and festivals as a multi-instrumentalist. Jodi’s voice has been described as “rich, pure and strong that easily rises and falls with plenty of character”. Combined […]

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John Fegan (Rough Red)

After 20 years fronting one of Australia’s most iconic folk rock bands, Rough Red, John has a wealth of stories and songs about people and places from all the far flung corners of Europe and Great Britain. A renowned raconteur and award winning writer the stories resonate with all the colour, pathos and drama of […]

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Black Bear Duo

Spirits soar and feet fly when Black Bear Duo (Iain Mckenzie and Emma Nixon) play fabulous Scottish music . They bring together a deep love of Scottish tunes and years of experience playing for dances. Their combined passion for performing traditional and contemporary Scottish music creates their signature exciting and individual style.

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Emma Nixon and Helena Bond

Emma and Helena will hold you spellbound with their gorgeous renditions of traditional Scottish Gaelic songs. The sweet melodies dance through the highlands and islands, keep the insistent beat of the never-ending work, or drop slow tears into the ebbing tide. These are vibrant songs whose aching loss and corresponding zest for life will touch […]

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The O’Brien Quartet

The O’Brien Trio performances are like a Soundtrack to the films “Chocolat” and “Midnight in Paris”. A performance filled with Vibrant vocals and swinging rhythm, with a dash of instrumental gypsy tunes. We play with Gyspy in our heart and “Hot Club” in our heads. Together with Mia O’Brien on guitar and vocals Tim O’Brien […]

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Whiskey Remorse

Imagine a guitar solo played by a fiddle. Then imagine a driving acoustic guitar. A stomp box pumping out the beat. Vocals. Harmonies. Your favourite songs re-imagined and brought to life interspersed with traditional fiddle tunes. Imagine Whiskey Remorse. Music to move to.

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The Jar

The JAR play traditional and contemporary folk music with a modern edge. Songs merge into tunes; airs take off into jigs and reels, and always an irresistible energy, driving the music along and lifting the spirits of any company.

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The Bessies

The Bessies – named after Dave’s dog – are a ridiculously appealing, high energy band whose aim is to play as many instruments as possible (especially ones they’ve never played before) while attempting to keep it simple. Their superb harmonies are beautifully woven through their eclectic repertoire of originals and obscure covers.

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Gone Molly

Powerful and ethereal, Gone Molly is the new voice of contemporary folk. Songwriter Sally Harris and Declan Affley award winner Rebecca Wright bring to life colourful characters and tales from a rich cultural tapestry abounding in mythology, mysteries, love & loss. With their brand new debut album and a steadily growing presence on the festival […]

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Karen Law Band

The Karen Law Band play uplifting, heartfelt modern folk songs with a mixture of guitars, bass, trumpet and soaring vocal harmonies. Bringing to life songs from Karen’s 30-year songwriting career, the band blends passion with poignancy to create an upbeat and engaging live show.

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Luan Baldwin

Luan is a home-grown singer, songwriter and guitarist who specialises in songs of life, love and tales of the sea. He prides himself on his unique style and use of various musical genres to tell his stories. Luan met Paul, a seasoned percussionist, when they joined Queensland Fisheries together in 2004. They have been working, […]

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Angela Toohey Trio

Angela believes in the power of music to be a catalyst for change, to inspire a more compassionate and equitable world. Drawing on her unique life journey, she pens exquisitely emotive ballads and soaring anthems, rich with imagery and stories of love, loss, growth, and occasional howling. With a renowned 20+ year career in musical […]

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Jody + Innes

Jody and Innes are a new bluegrass and Americana duo from Brisbane. Innes Campbell (guitar, mandolin, banjo) has an impressive bluegrass pedigree, with one National Bluegrass Guitar Championship (Tamworth), session work, and countless bands as well as solo. With Jody Bell (mandolin, vocals) the is recording their debut CD and if you’re lucky they might […]

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Crushed velvet and broken glass, cigar smoke and a gathering storm. RedCrow is a band of contrary themes. Dark, sultry, humid alt-country tunes share a whisky with velvety swathes of Americana and ambient soundscapes. RedCrow’s debut album ‘Burning North Sky’ was recorded in Brisbane, mastered in Los Angeles and is a contemporary blend of roots, […]

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Bill Jacobi

As a solo artist, singer songwriter Bill Jacobi has embraced the role of one-man band. Using foot percussion, lap slide, open tuned guitar and banjo, Bill has developed his own take on the roots, folk and alt country genres. Laden with a down to earth honesty and a healthy sense of humour, his songs are […]

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Martin Reese, Chris Clarkson, Christian Rizzalli and Davydd McDonald join forces to create an exciting fusion of rhythm and beat. These exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalists draw upon decades of musicianship to produce a spectacular performance – whether it’s a beautiful slow air or a pumping lively jig. With an array of influences ranging from such traditions as […]

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Sadie and Jay

Sadie & Jay’s contemporary and original folk music leans to the alternative with a tinge of blues and roots and occasional theatrics! Jay plays guitars, bouzouki and banjo while Sadie plays electric and double bass. They sing captivating songs blending vocals of rare calibre with an evocative back-drop of intricate finger style playing. Regularly joining […]

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