Old Semeil

Old Semeil is an acoustic, musical project, a place for poetry to become song, for stories to sing.

Absorbing the music and story telling from his home in the Scottish Highlands, Gavin has travelled throughout Europe, Southern Africa, India and Asia, once even, laying a pick on Django Reinhardts grave.

Sophie Ellis is a classically trained violist from FNQ, a rising star with the ability to blend folk influences with classical. Old Semeil have performed at the Brisbane Festival, Darwin Fringe Festival and supported The East Pointers in Scotland.

They continue to perform in and around South East Queensland.

Gavin is also a core member of Q Music award nominated band The Mouldy Lovers.

”Old Semeil is mesmerising storytelling, woven through passionate and emotive troubadour accompaniment”. Paul Bromley – Producer at The Tanuki Lounge

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