Sarah Calderwood

Sarah Calderwood is a multi award-nominated singer songwriter who writes about love, loss, not fitting in, vanilla cities, chocolate crushes, redemption, salvation, heartache, heartbreak, happiness and Anne Boleyn.

As lead singer of renowned Celtic and Americana bands Súnas and RedCrow, she has toured extensively in Australia and overseas, played at most folk and roots festivals and released four acclaimed albums.

The new album, In The Forest of Things sees Sarah venture into complex, emotive paths with deeply personal songs that draw from her experiences, feelings and passions. Heralding the introduction of an alternative folk sound, Sarah shares everyday human stories layered with acoustic guitars and lush folktronica landscapes.

This collection of songs stays true to Sarah’s core of singing what others can’t say. In the Forest of Things is a journey of curious human observation, introspection and joy; a musical stroll through melody and dream, framed by tangled branches and twilight leaves.

Often praised for her capacity to sound new and old at once, Sarah anchors her music in the space where tradition and innovation intertwine.

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