The View From Madeleine’s Couch

Celebrating 20 years as one of Australia’s most acclaimed and respected Brazilian music ensembles, Madcouch continues to delight audiences with their beautiful mix of original songs inspired by the rhythms and harmonies of Brazil, blended seamlessly with with the eclectic repertoire of bossa nova and samba that the band has performed at festivals and venues across Australia and Brazil for two decades.

Led by the superb musicianship of Kym Ambrose (vibraphone), and Anje West (voice and percussion), the band forged their own niche of OzBrazilian music, and a voice on the Australian world music scene that is uniquely theirs; there is still no other band in the country that sounds like this.

“I stand with my jaw dropped and eat up layers: the irresistible groove on the bottom; the gorgeous vibes centre and Anje’s glorious voice soaring atop it all. The sound that hits your ears is just filled to the brim with beauty”. Greg Gottlieb, musician, music writer.

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