Tin Star


Tin Star are steeped in the folk traditions of sixties America – back to the coffee house scene of Greenwich Village and Laurel Canyon – think Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell. They have a talent for distilling folk, country and rock into their own signature brand of earthy roots music bolstered by sweet harmonies and acoustic guitar, fiddle and accordion. It is gentle and rocky, slow and fast, nostalgic and modern, it is funny and serious, and it is one and it is collective. With a new album currently in production, Tin Star are looking forward to a big 2018.


They have been described as the Dixie Chicks meets Bruce Springsteen however Brisbane trio Tin Star can be hard to pin down.

Inspired by the folk scenes of sixties Greenwich Village and Laurel Canyon, their strength is the intimacy and passion of three vocals that curl like smoke around each other.

Adding guitar, fiddle and accordion creates a sound that many fans believe is its own unique genre; a melting pot of the diverse musical influences of the three members folk, western swing, alt-country, indie pop and rock.

The last two years have seen them performing at festivals around the country and have just released their debut CD A Better Way To Do Things full of mostly original compositions.



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